L.A.V.A. Program

L.A.V.A Program AVAIL - Antigo WIL.A.V.A. stands for “Leaders Achieving Violence Awareness”. L.A.V.A. is a peer education group made up of Langlade County high school students.  L.A.V.A.’s purpose is to educate youth and adults on how to prevent and take action against violence. By recruiting and training teens who are positive, non-violent role models, our mission is brought to Langlade County schools and community agencies. We Strive to make a difference by confronting the misconceptions about violence and educating that violence is NEVER an acceptable answer!

We take on violence prevention by providing presentations and resources to groups of all ages. Our goal, first and foremost, is to prevent violence before it begins, as well as to empower victims, their friends, families and our community to seek help from available resources.

The L.A.V.A. teams work with an adviser to develop presentations for schools, churches and other community groups or organizations that would like information on an of the various topics surrounding violence awareness and prevention.

L.A.V.A. Program Topics

  1. Sexual Harassment in Schools
  2. Dating Violence
  3. Warning Signs of Abuse
  4. Healthy Relationships
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Sexual Assault
  7. Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault/Campus Safety

*Please note this is only a partial list. If you would like a presentation on a topic not listed here, please call AVAIL for more information.

For more information on becoming a L.A.V.A. member or to schedule a presentation, please contact AVAIL.

L.A.V.A. Program AVAIL Antigo WI